Download ROM Global & China Stable MIUI 9 Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Download ROM MIUI Xiaomi Mi Max 2 – – ROM MIUI 9 Xiaomi Mi Max 2 ini saya bagikan untuk anda yang mungkin sedang membutuhkan rom official atau rom rom resmi global stable untuk xiaomi mi max , di sini juga saya memberikan kepada anda 2 opsi rom recovery dan rom fastboot dan juga rom stabil miui 9 china dan juga global, namun kebanyakan orang menggunakan rom global karena bahasa indonesia yang sudah tersedia dan juga aplikasi layanan google yang sudah terpasang pada rom global menjadikan lebih mudah dalam menggunakan smartphone yang sedang di gunakan saat ini.

Sedangkan jika kamu menggunakan atau memilih rom china stabil yang saya sediakan linknya di bawah maka kamu tidak akan mendapatkan bahasa indonesia dan juga aplikasi google lainya, namun dari segi pengalaman saya dalam menggunakan ROM China ini lebih smoth dan lebih stabil di gunakan.

Download ROM MIUI 9 V9.2.1.0.NDDMIEK Stable Global Xiaomi Mi Max 2

  1. MIUI 9 Global Fastboot Via Bigota
  2. MIUI 9 Global Recovery Via Bigota

Download ROM MIUI Xiaomi Mi Max 2

  1. MIUI 9 China Fastboot Via Bigota
  2. MIUI 9 China Recovery Via Bigota


New – Mi Mover, supports data migration restarting. During migrating data to the new phone, device hotspotconnection will be restored automatically in case of interruption to complete the data migration. (10-25)
New – Simplified the UI (10-31)
New – New App vault features:shortcuts, brief notes, and calendar events. (Supported on Android5.0 or later). (11-07)
New – New App vault features:shortcuts, brief notes, calendar events, and cricket. (Supported onAndroid 5.0 or later). (11-16)
Optimization – “Add to favorites”icon adjustments (10-24)


New – Distance sensor dynamiccalibration function, to ensure that black screen appears correctly(10-26)
Fix – Long pressing soft buttons leadto FC issues (09-19)
Fix – Fingerprint module damage caused by fingerprint identification error (10-19)


Optimization – Vibration no longeraffects the features which reduce ringer volume when the phone islifted or flipped to silence (10-10)


App Lock
New – App lock supports hiding messagesfrom selected apps (10-31)


Fix – Sorting contacts for the Russianlanguage (09-19)
New – Simplified the UI (10-31)


Fix – Messaging force closed in somecases (09-27)


Lockscreen, Status Bar, NotificationBar
New – New content provider forWallpaper Carousel – Glance. Enjoy high-quality images, read stories,and slide down to view more. (11-10)
Optimization – Adjusted time fortapping the Lock screen notifications (10-24)


Home screen
Optimization – Multiple themessupported on the clock widget (10-19)
Optimization – Move app icons into afolder easier (10-19)
Optimization – Adding widgets to anempty spot with a single tap (10-31)


Optimization – Themes prompt aboutconnecting to the internet when it’s required (10-12)
Optimization – “Add to favorites”icon adjustments (10-24)
Fix – Previews in recent wallpapersrotated (09-20)


Fix – Image has been compressedmultiple times (10-19)


New – Mi Mover, supports data migrationrestarting. During migrating data to the new phone, device hotspotconnection will be restored automatically in case of interruption tocomplete the data migration. (10-25)
Fix – Mi Mover can’t continue tomigrate data after the network connection is interrupted and restored(10-25)
Fix – Mi Mover can’t migrate all appsto the new phone (10-25)


File Explorer
Fix – The number of docs in Explorerwas shown as 0 (09-27)


Mi Account
Optimization – Reduced the number ofpush notifications when the user is signed out (10-30)


Mi Drop
Optimization – Received files aresorted by time (11-06)
Fix – Issues with loading big GIFs(11-06)
Fix – Transfer status wasn’t displayedcorrectly when a file participated in multiple transfers (10-12)
Fix – The app crashed whiletransferring a large amount of files (10-12)


New – “Apps” support updatesnow (10-11)

ChangeLOG ROM V9.2.2.0.NDDCNEK China

Jika kamu kebingungan dalam menggunakan file ROM fastboot yang saya berikan di halaman ini kamu bisa membaca halaman Cara Flash Xiaomi Mi Max 2 dan di sana kamu akan di bimbing untuk melakukan flashing pada smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max 2 kamu dengan mudah dan gampang sekali.

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